4 tips to keep your house clear of pet hair

Unconditional animal lovers are willing to deal with anything as long as they get to keep their pets close to them. While most people would like to just ignore the mess that inevitably comes with having a pet, the reality is that most of us live in houses that require a certain level of cleanliness to be habitable. Proper home hygiene with pets can be difficult to handle, but luckily there are many tools you can use and tips you can follow to maintain a spotless house. If you are worried about dirt and hair getting in all corners of your home, then check out these 4 tips to keep your house pristine.

Use a robotic vacuum for pet hair

Even if you don’t have pets, robotic vacuum cleaners are modern lifesavers for the average adult. Going to work in the morning and returning late in the evening is something you dread even more if you know house chores like cleaning are expecting you at home. Using a Roomba for your pet’s hair can make a real difference since a majority of the cleaning will get done automatically while you are away at work.

Sweep and hand vacuum in difficult places

However, these automatic robot vacuums are often circular in shape. This means that they can have a really hard time getting to all the literal corners of your house. While most of the job is already done when you get home, you need to go the extra mile to make sure hair from your pets doesn’t accumulate naturally in corners or places that are hard to reach in your house. Get rid of pet hair with a vacuum cleaner and sweep your floors as well to get all the hair that your vacuum might miss.

Brush your pet’s coat regularly and clean it right after

Half the job is done by cleaning your house but keeping your pet well-groomed and clean is the other half. Brushing your pet’s coat of hair is essential to avoid hair fall and accumulation over time. Dedicate one or two days of the week every week to grooming your dog properly. Brush their coat so that they drop all the hair naturally and in a contained space. Make sure to pick up the hair you get at the end and dispose of it quickly before it gets a chance to spread everywhere in your home.

Know your dog and anticipate shedding season

Different breeds have different coats of hair, and different dogs overall have different hair necessities. Some might need to go to the groomer’s more frequently, while others are good to go with just regular brushing. Either way, if your dog has a medium-length to long, you know that there are certain times of the year when it is simply impossible to keep up with the amount of hair they shed. Even some short-haired dogs go through these shedding spurts, but you just need to anticipate it in the prior months to make sure that you or someone else can tend to their hairy needs.

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